And it’s done!

After several weeks of not posting about my running, you may be wondering what happened.  I’ll give you the quick summary…

The weekend after the Telluride run, I was supposed to run 22, but didn’t make it due to a variety of factors including cold fighting, not eating right, it being hot etc.  Then two weeks of taper and rest.

Finally last weekend was the race!

Herb and I went to Denver on Saturday and listened to a few of the speakers at the Expo.  We were lucky and had friends and family taking care of kids and dog so we could even stay the night in Denver.

The race went great!  We ran exactly to plan the entire race.  It was an absolutely beautiful course, and the weather was fantastic.  I felt really strong all the way up to 20, where I started not feeling too good (not surprising of course!).  I wasn’t too unhappy until about mile 23.  But lucky me, we got to see the kids and Grammie and Grampie cheering us on with a sign right when I needed it most.

I’m just thrilled with the way it all worked out, and gosh, I might even do another some time.


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A great weekend

This weekend was a great weekend.  Not only did the run go really well, we were in Telluride experiencing some fantastic Blues and some great Brews.  First, the music – every year we go to the Blues and Brews festival, but this year was my favorite lineup.  Some of the best were Big Head Todd and Buddy Guy.  Other names you might recognize are Joe Cocker and Otis Taylor.  I didn’t actually see Joe Cocker because it was pouring rain and frankly I’d had enough mud and wet for the day, but Herb said it was really good.

As for the running, we did 19 instead of 18 and it went really well.  I was very nervous, not only because of the distance, but also because we were at 8750 feet altitude.  But my ever present biggest fan (my hubby Herb) was there the whole way and was my running rock.  We started out by heading up toward the base of IngramFalls and then back through town and out toward Society Turn.  Then back to the park where the festival was and once again to Society Turn.  We hit 18 miles with still about 1.5 miles to go, so we went ahead and ran the last mile to make it a round 19.

I was pretty darn stiff for the rest of the day.  The worst was both my achilles tendons and the front of my left shin, sort of the soft part just to the outside of the shin bone.  Thankfully all those parts were feeling better today.

I really can’t believe I ran 19 miles.  That’s crazy.  Even more crazy is that I’m going to run probably 21 next Sunday, and then 26 on October 18th.  I didn’t really believe I could do this when it all began in June.  And then after the injury I was pretty darn sure I couldn’t do it.  What do you know, I can!

Last long training run coming up this weekend, and then it’s taper-time!

Oh, by the way, after my long run Saturday I decided that I had easily earned the yummy hand-dipped corn dog I had for lunch, and the three’ish beers too.  Oh, and the gyros as well.  Don’t forget the chicken noodle soup.  And I definitely should have had that rootbeer float I turned down.  🙂

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Two week running report

I was so lame last week and didn’t post anything – but there is so much to report!

First – last Sunday Herb got a personal best at the NM Marathon, way to go!  He totally rocked it and beat his previous personal best by 25 minutes – wow!  The kids and I cheered him on at several spots and he did really great, I was so proud of him.

For my own running, I did 12 on Labor Day, 3.5 Tuesday, 7 Thursday, and then 15 today, holy cow.  Today was my longest run ever in my life.  Herb ran it with me and we did the run-walk method popularized by Jeff Galloway.  It went really well, I was so happy with it.  I have a big old blister between my big toe and the pad of my foot, but that’s really the only trouble.  What a relief!  I’m starting to believe that I can still do this marathon in October which is really exciting!

I learned something else last week.  I believe I’ve mentioned my toes going numb on long runs.  Well, after the marathon I saw this woman with her shoes tied kind of funny.  Only three X’s across the top of the foot and the rest down the side.  So I asked her about it and she said that it was due to her overly high arches.  Ha!  Another person with the crazy feet!  So I tried lacing up my shoes the way she had hers before my 12 mile run and it was great!  My toes did not fall asleep at all.  I was so happy!  I’m really excited to see if that continues, but so far so good.

A great week for my running!  Next week will be tough.  I have 10 planned for Thursday and 18 for the weekend.  Yowch.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  But with this run-walk approach I’m feeling pretty good.

Woo hoo!

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Great to run with the group again!

Today was my first day back with the group and let me tell you it was great.  It was *so* good to be outside.  *So* good to be running “fast”.  *So* good to be with the group.  Wow.  I feel great.  I really missed everyone.

My 8 miles last Saturday, which I ended up running on Sunday,  were on the treadmill and as far as the foot goes it went really well.  The last few miles were pretty tough, that’s the most I’ve run in six weeks after all!

So I ran Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday (today).  And my foot feels great!  My calf is all cramped up, and I’m not sure why.  I have been sort of playing with my stride a little bit.  I’ve been trying to land more on the forefoot, trying to land more with my muscles, shortening the stride, trying this that and the other thing.  Maybe all that mucking with the stride is causing the cramps.  But regardless, my foot is feeling good.

This weekend I’m upping again, up to 10.  Will be another good test.  Every day is a success however, and every day feels great.

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Yes! Marathon training *with* running!

Back in the saddle, baby.  I was cleared to run last week, and I took my first trot in Telluride last Friday – two miles on the path.  Then four miles on the path on Saturday, still basically pain free.  A little twinge in the foot at about 1.5 miles, but it went away pretty quickly.  Then three miles on Monday and four miles on Tuesday.  It all went great!  Was having some knee pain in my left knee, but that’s nothing new.

I went to the podiatrist on Wednesday to have her check my orthodics and she put a 1/6″ piece of cork under the outside of each foot.  She said I was still supinating too much and that could have been contributing to the knee pain.

So today I went out to Bobolink and ran 5.  Longest yet and it felt great.  I had some unusual sort of abrasion like feelings under the big-toe pads on each foot which I’m attributing to the new 1/6″ pieces of cork under the outside.  But probably it’s better to run on the pad than on the outside edge of my foot anyway.

So far I am feeling really hopeful about the foot.  I’m planning to run 8 miles on Saturday either on the treadmill or on dirt.  Look out Dairy Queen, here I come!

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Best gas station coffee: PDQ

Stopped at the PDQ on South Boulder Road and just east of Foothills for coffee this morning.  It’s quite tasty, but on the weak side.  I actually like my coffee kind of mild, but I think other coffee drinkers would not find this coffee to have enough punch.

But now for the best part, the free donut…  No kidding, I got a free donut this morning!  Every Monday, you can get a free Lamar’s donut with your coffee purchase.  I think they said Tuesdays are muffins, and then although the cashier was still talking I was mesmerized by the choices of donuts and didn’t hear the rest.  She may have said something about bagels on Wednesday, but I’m not sure.  The total price for the coffee  (and donut!) was $1.30.  So pretty right in the middle for Boulder gas station coffee.

The combination of mild flavor and the free donut earn PDQ 5 coffee beans – I’ll definitely be back!

Well, I can’t get the graphic to load – sorry you will have to just close your eyes and visualize a line of 5 coffee beans.

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The last two weeks of training

I blew it and didn’t post last weekend about the previous week of training, so I’ll have to cover two weeks in this post.  The week before last I did all of my training on the bike.  I did all three weekday workouts on the spinner.  The weekend workout was supposed to be 15 miles, so I went to the rec center and did the elliptical for 8 miles then got on the bike.

Last week during the week I was on the bike and then yesterday was at the rec center again for 17.  I did all 17 on the elliptical, but I have to say that neither weekend did it feel like I’d run that many miles.  I’m pretty sure at this point that I’m not in the shape I need to be in.  My heart rate is certainly not as high with this cross training as it is when I run, and my legs do not feel like they do after I run.

As far as being able to run again, I went to the podiatrist last Wednesday, and she said I was not fully healed and that I needed to wait another week to run, hence my 3 hours on the elliptical yesterday!  I’m hoping to do a slow, short run on the treadmill next week.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to try on Tuesday or Thursday.

So, we’ll see how it all starts coming together over the next few weeks.  I just don’t feel like I’m where I need to be, but only time (and miles!) will tell.  I’ll let you know how the start up of running goes next week!

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